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Fori Automation Inc. is modernizing the assembly line of a large U.S. automobile plant with rail guided carts with Siemens. The use of the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is part of a fail-safe, automatic conveying and handling system.

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Fori AGV technology has evolved over the years from Rail Guided Chassis Marriage systems for the Automotive industry to include numerous product offerings including low capacity AGCs for assembly systems up to high capacity AGVs for the Aerospace, Defense and Nuclear industries. Fori specializes in the custom design, build and integration of automated material handling equipment. Fori works with the end user to customize the controls architecture, AGV chassis design and system architecture to provide the perfect solution for any project. 

Automotive Chassis Marriage has primarily been accomplished utilizing Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs), Fori has recently implemented Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to further improve system flexibility for the end user and reduce total system infrastructure. Options for Chassis Marriage AGVs include battery or induction based systems. 

Dock N’ Lock and Tugger AGVs provide a cost effective, safe and reliable material handling system to replace non-value added material handling tasks. Fori Tugger AGVs can transport up to 35,000 lbs.  The Dock N’ Lock AGV provides an increase in flexibility versus a standard Tugger. The Dock N’ Lock is bi-directional, allowing the system to automatically back into station and auto-dock to the companion cart. 

Fori high capacity AGVs are designed to support loads up to 250,000 lbs. In many cases Fori high capacity AGVs are designed around strict deflection and footprint requirements to accommodate large aerospace fixtures and product. Multiple vehicles can be synchronized for lift, level and transport of tooling to provide additional process flexibility. 

Fori RGCs and AGCs are cost effective, flexible conveyance solutions that have been designed to replace traditional conveyance systems. RGCs and AGCs offer improved layout flexibility and reduced infrastructure to the end user.

Fori Tunnel AGVs are low profile, high capacity AGVs utilized for cart transport. The Tunnel AGV includes an automated pin assembly that locates the cart for transport. The cart can include varying levels of automation, including powered roller conveyor and lift tables.

Fori Automation is a pioneer in AGV development and design. Fori offers a complete line of custom automatic guided vehicles and system controls.

Since 1984, Fori Automation is a design, manufacturer, builder and integrator and service provider of custom automation and assembly systems.

Automated Guided Carts and Vehicles can be designed to accommodate numerous different material handling processes. Automated Vehicles can be applied for material handling within assembly processes, tooling transport for aerospace and defense projects, as well as bulk material handling for unfinished product and dunnage.  Vehicle capabilities range from a few hundred pounds to over 250,000 lbs. and different levels of automation are available with automated, semi-automated and manual vehicle control.