Chassis Marriage Systems

Fori is a Global Leader in Automotive Chassis Marriage Systems. Turnkey Chassis Marriage systems include station based chassis marriage and dynamic marriage systems that utilize Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs), Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Fori is responsible for Turnkey integration including custom tooling plates and integrated chain lifts. .

  • Over 500 Chassis Marriage systems supplied over last 20 years.
  • Rail Guided Vehicles utilizing Floor Chain with Pin or Floor EMS System.
  • Automated Guided Vehicles are available utilizing optical or magnetic guidance.
  • AGVs power supplies include non-contact induction, lithium ion batteries or hybrid systems utilizing a combination of induction & battery.
  • Custom Tooling Plates are designed and fabricated by Fori and supplied with the Chassis Marriage vehicles or stations.
  • Tooling Plates can be designed to accommodate multiple vehicle platforms through the use of flexible tooling.
  • Integrated Patented Chain Lifts for Chassis Marriage with Capacities of 4,000 lbs. per lift.
  • Chain Lift includes Lift Strokes up to 50” with speeds of 4” per second. These figures can be configured and customized based on project requirements.

AGV Chassis Marriage

Chassis Marriage AGVs Reduce Plant Infrastructure & Improve System Flexibility.


AirGVs Provide A Cost Effective Alternative to AGV or RGV Chassis Marriage Systems.

Automatic Multi-Fasten Chassis Marriage

Turnkey Automated Fastening Equipment for Chassis Marriage Systems.

Pallet Style Chassis Marriage

Pallet Based Chassis Marriage Systems with Custom Tooling & Torque Tooling.

RGV Chassis Marriage

Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) for Continuous, Repeatable & Reliable Chassis Marriage.

Robotic Chassis Marriage

Flexible Chassis Marriage Systems with Robots and Custom End Effectors.

Cab Pick & Cab Decking

Heavy Duty Truck Cab Pick & Chassis Decking Systems.

Chassis Marriage Options

Electric Chain Lifts, Plug & Play Tooling Plates, Track Switch & Power Options .