Axle Assembly Systems

Axle assembly Systems with varying levels of automation available. auto fastening & Welding can be supplied for precise and repeatable Axle module assembly.

Brake / Rotor Assembly Systems

Manual, semi and fully automatic systems available. assembly stations with Lateral run-out, Brake drag, Wheel speed sensor Continuity & Pole Pitch test, leak test.

Corner Assembly Systems

Assembly fixtures are designed for ease of assembly with Poka Yoke and ergonomic fastening utilizing lift assists. system is flexible to volume adjustments.

Front & Rear Suspension Assembly

front & Rear suspension systems are designed for varying levels of automation & volume. Assembly fixtures are designed for ease of assembly & poka-yoke.




Material Handling Systems

Automated Material Handling Systems for repeatable, reliable and safe assembly processes. RGCs, AGCs & AGVs are available.

Module Assembly Tooling

custom Lift assists, Heavy duty Lift Assists, overheads, automatic torque tooling, spring balancers & manual tooling.

7th Axis Robots

The Fori 7th Axis robot uses a linear belt that eliminates backlash. System can be customized for varying lengths & speeds.