Brake & Rotor Assembly

Wide range of Brake & Rotor Assembly Systems are available. Mixed model production lines available with specialized interchangeable tooling and automation.

  • Manual, semi-auto and fully automatic systems
  • Multiple assembly test stations available
  • Lateral run-out
  • Brake drag
  • Wheel speed sensor Continuity & Pole Pitch test
Brake & Rotor Assembly Systems

Fully automatic robotic brake / rotor assembly torqueing system..

Fori offers a wide range of Brake and Rotor assembly systems. Different levels of automation are available, including: manual, semi-auto and fully automatic.

RGCs transfer the brakes and rotors throughout the assembly process.

The brake / rotor assemblies can be manually fastened using ergonomic tool lifts and torque tubes.
Fori has a wide variety of semi-automatic tooling with ergonomic lift assist, torque tubes and other tooling options.
Fori designs and builds automatic torques stations and robotic fastening systems. These systems have the ability to fasten a wide product variety.