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Centering platforms can be used for a variety of applications including that for stand alone headlamp aiming systems, for use with Driver Assist Calibration equipment, and other vehicle measurements when centering of the vehicle is required. 

Fori Automation has developed and installed hundreds of systems worldwide including digital headlamp aimers.

Fori Automation designs roll & brake test systems to simulate road conditions with repeatable precise tests in a production environment.

Fori has a several patents for toe set gearhead advances, tie rod guide fork rollers and a single guide fork gearhead with a compliance locking brake

The spring force exerciser is used to  jounce to exercise the vehicle suspension similar to affect seen from roads

Each OEM has different terminology for the EOL safety systems. Fori can calibrate / align all of them.

The 3-D measurement is a process developed by Fori Automation, using laser measurement modules.

Fori Automation is a leader in End of Line Systems since 1984 with over 450 installations world wide. Supported by a global sales and service network of Fori companies.

Fori Automation is a global leader in end of line systems. Fori has over 450 installations across the world supported by a network of Fori sales and service companies.