End of Line Systems

Fori Automation is a global leader in end of line systems with over 450 installations worldwide. Fori’s 3-D wheel aligners with integrated digital headlamp aimers and robotic toe set tools are the fastest and most accurate alignment systems in the world.




Alignment Systems

Fori Automation is a global leader in headlamp aiming, safety alignment / calibration and wheel alignment systems. With over 450 systems installed all over the globe.

Driver Assist Systems

Drive Assist Systems are stand-alone calibration & testing cells for the latest vehicle safety sensors available on the market.

Headlamp Aiming Systems

Fori’s digital headlamp aiming systems come in a variety of options, in-floor, gantry style or off line.

Roll & Brake / DVT Systems

Fori’s system computes brake force and anti-lock braking system as well as other dynamic vehicle tests.

Vehicle Exerciser System

The spring force exerciser is used to jounce and exercise the vehicle suspension similar to affect seen from roads.