Privately held, U.S. Owned and Operated Since 1984                                              586-247-2336

Fori Automation designs roll & brake test systems to simulate road conditions with repeatable precise tests in a production environment.

  • Brake and ABS Testing
  • Emissions Testing
  • Parking Brake Testing
  • Speed Control / Testing
  • Speedometer Accuracy Testing
  • Traction Control Testing
  • Transmission
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Features
  • Available Tests

Fori Automation is a world leader in wheel alignment systems. Fori has over 425 installations worldwide supported by a global sales and service network of Fori companies .

  • The system software computes brake force and anti-lock braking system characteristics
  • Precision speed measurement is attained with the use of optical encoders
  • Fori's four-roller design cradles and centers the vehicle on top of the rollers providing superior safety, stability and accuracy. 
  • Vehicle Side Guides keep the vehicle on the rollers
  • Windows 7 Embedded based software
  • Options for sound proof booths and ventilation systems can be offered

Fori Automation capabilities: sales, engineering (mechanical / controls / software), manufacturing, assembly, full system integrator & installation and service on four continents.

  • Roll test
  • Brake Test
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Speed testing & Speed Calibration
  • Noise Vibration or Harness Testing
  • Drag Force Testing
  • Wireless Dynamic Vehicle testing
  • Cruise Control Testing
  • Electrical Integration testing
  • Transmission Shift Point Testing
  • Individual Whee testing
  • Reverse testing
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