• Assembly Systems

    Turnkey Automated Assembly & Automation Systems

  • Material Handling

    Automated Material Handling AGVs, AGCs, & RGCs

  • Chassis Marriage

    Turnkey Automated Chassis Marriage Systems

  • EOL Systems

    Automotive EOL Testing Equipment & Safety Systems

  • Welding Systems

    Body & Chassis Structure Welding & Machining Systems

  • Global Headquarters

    Over 200,000 sq. feet of Manufacturing & Office Space

Product Overview

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Automated Material Handling

Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts for Assembly and Material Handling Systems

Assembly & Automation

Turnkey Assembly and Automation for the Automotive and Non-Automotive Industries

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End of Line Systems

Wheel Alignment, Headlamp Aiming, Roll and Brake and Safety System Calibration

Body & Chassis Structure Welding & Machining Systems
Robotic or Station Based Welding and Machining Systems


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Global Service and Support

Multiple Global Locations

Locations include Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain with our U.S. Location in Shelby Township, Michigan.

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Why Choose Us
Fori specializes in turnkey system integration, thanks to our dedicated resources for estimating, mechanical and electrical engineering, assembly, software design and service. These resources enable us to support our products globally from project conception to implementation at the end users facility.
The Fori Automation team prides itself on offering the latest products and technologies available on the market. We are constantly investing in new product development to support our global customer base. Our verticals include automated material handling, module assembly systems, chassis marriage, custom automation, end of line testing and robotic welding systems.
With eight global locations that include over 700 employees on four continents we are positioned to support our customers across the globe. Our global locations include Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico, South Korea and Spain. Fori’s global headquarters is located in Shelby Township, Michigan, where we have over 250 employees and over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space.