Plug & Play Tooling Pallets

The Plug & play tooling is colored coded and numbered with dowel pins for simplified use. Plug & play tooling is utilized to accommodate multiple vehicle platforms on a single tooling plate. 

  • Multiple engine, cradle & transmission on the same tooling pallet.
  • Eliminates multiple flip details.
  • Certified accuracy within +/- 0.13 mm.
  • Simplifies the tooling plate model.
  • Change over process for the operator with light weight details.
  • Locking storage tray ensures that only the correct details can be accessed.
  • Designed for flexible plant expansion & future product with minimal tooling modifications.
  • Optional vision system that can “see” the details and verify position based on production run. 
  • Robotic load and unload of all tooling plate details all components.