Rail Guided Vehicle Chassis Marriage

Fori Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) are utilized for the effortless and repeatable decking of the front & rear module for chassis decking operations. The marriage process is accomplished through position-speed programming of both the cart travel, vertical lifts and overhead conveyance system. 

  • The Fori power cart decking accommodates up to four operators to assist with the dynamic decking and fastening process. 
  •   RGV cart travel is 12 in. per second maximum speed - can be increased upon request. 
  •   Each RGV includes two Fori patented electric chain lifts, capable of up to 4,000 lbs. 
  •  Top tooling floats +/- .5" fore / aft and +/- .3" cross car for any sync-build variations. 
  •  Electric chain lifts provide up to 52" of lift stroke - can be increased upon request. 
  •  Each cart includes a front & rear Fori patented electric chain lift, floating plates and tooling plates.
  •  Chassis decking system can include several assembly stations prior to decking operation.
  •  Chassis decking systems be supplied with automated equipment for fastening and assembly process. 
  •  All operations are monitored through an advanced diagnostics station which provides "real time" data and fault recovery notifications.