Corner Module Assembly

Brake and Rotor Assembly Systems are available with varying levels of automation depending on production needs. Traditional conveyor based systems are available, as well as RGC or AGC based transfer systems. Robots can be integrated for auto-fastening, load and unload of product. 

  •  Automotive corner module assembly
  •  Off road & heavy duty truck corner module assembly
  •  Front or rear corner module
  •  Front or rear can be built on a single pallet or together as vehicle sets
  •  Manual assembly
  •  Semi-automatic & Fully Automatic assembly
Front & Rear Corner Assembly Systems

Fully automatic robotic corner assembly torqueing system.

Fori offers a wide range of Brake and Rotor assembly systems. Different levels of automation are available, including: manual, semi-auto and fully automatic.

The front / rear corner assemblies can be transferred using Fori’s RGCs / RGVs or conveyor systems.

The front / rear corner assemblies can be manually fastened using ergonomic tool lifts and torque tubes.
Fori has a wide variety of semi-automatic tooling with ergonomic lift assist, torque tubes and other tooling options.
Fori designs and builds automatic torques stations and robotic fastening systems. These systems have the ability to fasten a wide product variety.