Front & Rear Suspension Module Assembly

Fori’s front & rear suspension module assembly systems are designed to accommodate any level of automation and volume. Assembly fixtures are designed for ease of assembly & poke-yoke.

  • Manual assembly
  • Semi-automatic assembly
  • Fully automatic assembly
  •  Fori custom process based on project volume requirements
  •  System can be scaled based on man power available
  •  Turnkey installation and startup at the end user
  •  Dedicated service team to support systems after install
  • Ergonomic fastening utilizing lift assists
  •  Part delivery by Fori twin strand conveyor, RGCs, AGCs or AGVs
Suspension Module Assembly Systems

Complete Turnkey Systems - from conception to design to production ready – Fori Develops the Process, Engineers the Equipment & Install the System for Production.

Fori offers a wide range of Brake and Rotor assembly systems. Different levels of automation are available, including: manual, semi-auto and fully automatic.

The front / rear corner assemblies can be transferred using Fori’s RGCs / RGVs or conveyor systems.

The front / rear corner assemblies can be manually fastened using ergonomic tool lifts and torque tubes.
Fori has a wide variety of semi-automatic tooling with ergonomic lift assist, torque tubes and other tooling options.
Fori designs and builds automatic torques stations and robotic fastening systems. These systems have the ability to fasten a wide product variety.