Automated Material Handling

Fori Automation specializes in the custom design, build and integration of automated material handling equipment for the automotive & non-automotive industries. Fori automated guided vehicles offer load capacities from 500 lbs. to over 250,000 lbs. Products include customized vehicles for unique applications, as well as a variety of standardized vehicles such as Rail Guided Carts (RGCs), Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) and Tuggers for automated assembly and material handling applications.

High Capacity AGVs

Fori’s high capacity automated guided vehicles offer load capacities up to 250,000 Lbs.


Flex Floor automated vehicles offer a safe, reliable & flexible assembly & material handling solution.

Tuggers & Dock N’ Lock AGVs

Automated tuggers & Dock N’ Lock AGVs to replace fork lifts or manned tow vehicles.

Powered Drive Wheels

Powered drive wheel systems for tooling & work platform mobilization & automation.