Flex Floor 2.0T

Flex Floor 2.0T AGC

The Fori Flex Floor 2.0T is a high capacity, omni-directional Tunnel AGC for material handling and assembly applications. The Flex Floor can be integrated with custom tooling, hitch pins, powered trunnion or scissor lift. The Flex Floor 2.0 AGC provides omni-directional maneuverability, allowing the vehicle to travel forwards & backwards, side to side and spin on center. Standard vehicle capacity is 6,000 lbs., but can be customized to increase the carrying capacity as required. The Flex Floor 2.0 is a flexible and cost effective assembly and material handling solution for the automotive and non-automotive industries.

  • Capacity: 6,000 lbs. / 2,727 kg. (Can be increased upon request)
  • Max speed of 180 feet per minute
  • Magnetic bar, tape or optical guidance
  • +/- 12 mm positioning repeatability
  • Uni-directional maneuverability
  • Customizable length and width
  • 24VDC or 48VDC architecture
  • Lead acid or lithium ion batteries
  • Siemens PLC based control system – no black box
  • Onboard safety scanners & bumpers for collision avoidance & protection