Headlamp Aiming Systems

Fori’s digital headlamp aiming systems come in a variety of options, in-floor, gantry style or off line.

  • Digital Headlamp Aiming
  • 54 Frames per Second (FPS)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Image transferred directly to PC
  • Aligns all Headlamps
Headlamp Aimer Variations

Gantry style headlamp aimer allows for easy add-on to existing wheel aligner systems or centering platforms.

In-Floor headlamp aimer that is integrated with the wheel alignment system. Creating a smaller equipment footprint.

Dual mast headlamp aiming systems. Align both headlamps at the same time.

System features

The large size of the digital aimer lens optimizes the processing of the lamp image with a fast 54 FPS data acquisition time.

Headlamp aim pre-adjust system aligns the headlamp prior to being installed on the vehicle.

Allows the lamps to be audited / verified in the plant. The photo array of 128 diodes with 0.2” resolution.