Body, Chassis Structure Welding and Machining Systems

Chassis Structures – MIG Weld

Pickup and SUV Truck Frame – Robotic Mig Welding Systems - (3) Lines – 12 Models – 685,000 annual volume – 120 Robots Each line – In-Line Pierce and Measurement.

Body Structures – Spot Weld

Under Body Structural Assemblies – Robotic Spot and Projection Welding Cells – 50+ Robots – Drawn Arc Studs, Sealer and Adhesive Apply.

Special Welding Assemblies – Projection, Laser & Drawn Arc

Under Body Structure Rear Floor Assembly Robotic Spot Welding System – 120 Robots – Laser Welding, Projection Welding, Drawn Arc Studs, In Line Measurement, Sealer and Adhesive Apply.

Special Products & Components

Clamshell Frame Rail – Robotic MIG Weld Cells – Fori Standard HD Squeezer.