Body Structures Spot Weld

Floor Pans & Floor Structures

Under Body Floor Pan System • 120+ Robots, 400,000 annual volume

• AGV Main Assembly Transfer

• Sub-Assembly Cells

• Optical Measurement Cell

• Spot, Mig, Laser, Projection and Drawn Arc Stud Welding

• Robotic Sealer and Adhesive Apply

Front & Rear Side Rails & Aprons

Mid Volume – Flex RH & LH, Front and Rear Rail Cells

• Palletized Transfer System

• Quick Change Fixtures

• Capital Re-utilization Program (Reclaimed Robots, Welders, Controls).

Body Sides, Pillars, Sills & Roof Rails

Special Welders

• Custom Designed Welders

• Built to Customer Specifications and Standards

• Special Spot, Projection, Drawn Arc Stud Welders, Fastener Systems

• Combination Welders • Adaptive Feedback

• Auto Feed Fasteners

• Auto Load/Unload • Robotic Load/Unload